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Look Out for Dangers!

Look Out for Dangers!

TAKE 10 SECONDS Look Out for Dangers!


GPS challenge of the week… TAKE 10 SECONDS TO LOOKOUT FOR DANGERS! It is easy to become complacent in familiar surroundings.

Develop a safe habit of TAKING 10 SECONDS to look for existing or new potential hazards: Take 10 Seconds to check your workstation for exposed electrical cords or other tripping hazards: shut file cabinet drawers when not in use: store tools, equipment and materials properly to prevent falling or sharp edges: stack materials to prevent sliding, falling or collapsing, wear personal protective equipment: avoid distracted walking: never remove machine guarding: pay attention in safety training.

The more often you TAKE 10 SECONDS to identify existing or potential hazards the better equipped you are to create a safer work environment.

If you experience or see a safety concern on your assignment, please contact our GPS Safety Hotline at 803-760-1441 or contact your local GPS office.

If you are injured on your assignment, please call MEDCOR at 1-800-775-5866 then contact your local GPS office.

GPS where Safety is Everybody’s Job…My Job…Your Job! Let’s TAKE 10 SECONDS!

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Barbara Greene
GPS Safety Specialist

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