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New Year Series: How To Dress For An Interview With A Staffing Firm

New Year Series: How To Dress For An Interview With A Staffing Firm

There are many conflicting bits of advice out there about how you should dress for interviews. Some people say you should dress for the job you’d like to have. Most companies, however, will not be impressed if you show up dressed as Iron Man or Wonder Woman. Other people recommend always defaulting to business casual. While a safer option than dressing for that superhero gig, it’s still not always the right call. What about interviews with staffing firms? Keep reading for tips on proper attire for a staffing firm interview.

Do Your Research

Staffing agencies aren’t usually in the business of supplying executives to other companies. So a three-piece suit or any suit is probably overkill. Unless you’ve got some very compelling reason to believe the job you’ll get will require a suit or every picture on the staffing agency website shows people in formal business attire, leave the pocket squares at home. Go with Chinos and a button-down or slacks and a blouse.

Takeaway: Look at the staffing agency’s website to get a clear picture of their expectations.

Ditch the Cologne and Perfume

Most interviews take place in a fairly small room or office. This gives you some privacy. It also means that freshly applied cologne or perfume will become overpowering in that room very quickly. Plus, your interviewer may have allergies or dislike the scent. In the worst-case scenario, your interviewer’s ex might have worn that scent. The last thing you need is your interviewer associated you with negative emotions.

Takeaway: Take a shower and use deodorant, but leave the body spray on the shelf.

Matching Colors on Shoes and Belts

While women get more leeway on this, men need shoes and belts that match in color. Ideally, pick either black or brown. Mismatched belt and shoe colors can, unintentionally, signal that you don’t pay attention to the details. It can also prove a minor distraction for your interviewer. You want them focused on what you say and not on wondering why your belt and shoes don’t match. For women, your belt should color match with something you’re wearing.

Takeaway: Matching the color of your belt and shoes removes a visual distraction and makes you look put together. It’s an easy win.

There isn’t a perfect outfit for every job interview. When interviewing with a staffing agency, use their website as a guide for how formally you should dress. If you’re uncertain, call the agency and ask. They’ll tell you what’s expected.

Already confident about how you dress for interviews? Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with GPS to set up your interview today.

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