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Be a Safety Lookout!

Be a Safety Lookout!


Watch the video to spot hazards and avoid incidents then read these 9 tips!

  1. Avoid distracted walking.
  2. Use extra caution in high traffic areas, around corners and near doorways.
  3. Check workstations for exposed cords and other tripping hazards.
  4. Stack materials to prevent sliding, falling, or collapsing.
  5. Ensure cups and glasses have lids on them to prevent spills.
  6. Be sure people are wearing the proper personal protective equipment.
  7. Make sure heavy objects are stored close to the floor and out of walkways.
  8. Close open file cabinet drawers that aren’t in use.
  9. Open one file cabinet drawer at a time to prevent a tip-over.

GPS where safety is everybody’s Job…my Job and your Job!

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