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Don’t Get Fooled Into Hiring the Wrong Person

Don’t Get Fooled Into Hiring the Wrong Person

Candidates can look spectacular on paper, only to leave you with a deep sense of unease following the interview. The question becomes, what should be a red flag for hiring managers or business owners? Keep reading and we’ll cover seven red flags you should watch out for during interviews.

Shows Up Late

While a late arrival isn’t a red flag worthy of automatic removal from consideration, it should be taken in context. Has the candidate failed to deliver letters of recommendation or other key documents on time? Did they fail to answer for a scheduled phone interview? Tardiness for the interview can prove a sign of things to come.

Me, Me, Me

In a very real sense, a candidate is at the interview to talk to you about themselves. No matter how self-made or independent a person is, however, other people should come up naturally. A candidate who never mentions a co-worker, project leader or manager is probably a poor team player.

Don’t Know About Your Company

You can’t expect applicants to know everything about your company, but they should know some salient details. For example, they should know your service or product and your main customer base. Failure to do this basic research means the candidate will likely show up unprepared all the time.

Don’t Share Credit

Very few accomplishments in business hinge on one person’s efforts. If a candidate puts themselves out there as the sole hero of every victory, it likely means they’ll undercut co-workers on a regular basis.

Light on Details

A candidate who claims to have executed some plan should be able to describe the process in detail. If a candidate is light on the details of some accomplishment or achievement, they probably never did it.


Get a resume from someone who is way overqualified for the job? You might be tempted to push that person into the job with only a casual interview. Don’t. Someone who is overqualified and willing to take a big pay cut may be bringing baggage to the table.

Inappropriate Online Signs

Email and social media make people’s lives easier. They’re also places that can signal potential problems. Suggestive email addresses or risqué photos on social media don’t automatically mean someone is a bad fit, but it might signal a culture fit problem.

Avoiding the wrong candidate can save you a mountain of headaches, not to mention wasted time and money. Keeping an eye out for red flags can take you a long way in the right direction. Struggling with finding the right candidates? Partner with GPS and take advantage of our screening process.


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