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Commemorate 9/11! Honor the Victims!

Commemorate 9/11! Honor the Victims!

This 9/11 Anniversary, Honor the Victims, Reflect on 9/11 History (This article is from the 9/11 Memorial & Museum website)


Commemorate 9/11!

The 16th anniversary of 9/11 is quickly approaching and, as in years past, the families of those who were so senselessly killed on that terrible day will gather at the 9/11 Memorial in commemoration of their loved ones. On this solemn day, it is a sacred obligation for each of us to remember those who were killed, recognize all who survived, honor the sacrifices of the first responders and recovery workers, and recapture the spirit of unity and service that arose in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. We invite you to observe the anniversary in your own communities.

Here in New York, Tribute in Light will once again illuminate the New York City skyline as a symbol of our endurance and as a powerful reminder of the strength we found on 9/11.

I encourage you to seek out commemorative events in your home town, whether that be in the classroom, by participating in public service programs, or by gathering with neighbors and friends to pay tribute. The Memorial & Museum offers information and resources about 9/11 to enrich your observance, including suggestions for commemorative activities. Once you’ve decided how you will observe this year’s anniversary, we ask that you share your tributes and messages of remembrance online, using #Honor911.

In addition to these resources, which are available throughout the year, now through September 7, 2017, we invite 9/11 memorial sites from around the globe that are listed in our memorials registry, along with educational institutions and government entities, to submit an application to license select 9/11 Memorial content. This toolkit includes photos of the Memorial plaza and several oral history clips from eyewitnesses for use in 9/11 anniversary commemorations. Learn more by completing a simple online application here:

Whether you are viewing the Tribute in Light here in New York, learning about 9/11 in your classroom, or paying tribute through acts of service in your local community, I hope you will join us in the essential act of remembrance.

With warm regards,

Alice M. Greenwald

President & CEO
9/11 Memorial & Museum

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