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GPS Safety Tip: Active Shooter

GPS Safety Tip: Active Shooter

GPS Safety Tip: Active Shooter

GPS where Safety is Everybody’s Job…My Job…Your Job!

GPS Safety Tip of the Week…ACTIVE SHOOTER!   What to do in an “Active Shooter” situation…. “Run/Hide/Fight” Please click the link:  This link takes you to a You Tube video which explains what to do.

Run away when you can – Hide if needed- Fight if you must!

If you experience or see a safety concern on your assignment, please contact our Safety Hotline at 803-760-1441 or contact your local GPS office.  If you are injured on your assignment, please call MEDCOR at 1-800-775-5866 then contact your local GPS office.

Safeguarding GPS employees by sustaining a culture that promotes safety awareness.

Check out our website for additional information.

Barbara Greene aka Safety Barbara
GPS Safety Specialist

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