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10 Ways To Tell You’re Ready For Management

10 Ways To Tell You’re Ready For Management

You Know Your Job Like the Back of Your Hand

  • You’ve done your job for several years.
  • You know the goals and challenges of the job.
  • You understand the factors that made you successful.

You’ve Acted as a Leader

  • You’ve taken the lead on projects.
  • You’ve helped teammates through challenges.
  • You’ve helped improve processes or procedures.

You Like Helping Other People Succeed

  • You enjoy advocating for the success of others.
  • You have no problem keeping the spotlight shining on those who deserve it.
  • You have strong coaching abilities.

You Lead By Example

  • You demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes you want to see in others.
  • You do the right thing, even when it’s difficult.
  • You walk the walk; you don’t just talk the talk.

You’re Comfortable Letting Go

  • You are ok with someone else handling your current daily responsibilities.
  • You know you don’t need to own or control every detail of every project.
  • You have faith that any team you lead has the talent to be successful.

You Understand Being a Good Manager is Different From Being a Good Employee

  • You know how to say no.
  • You can make decisions swiftly.
  • You can own up to mistakes.

You’re OK With Not Always Being Liked

  • You know that if someone is upset with you, it doesn’t mean they don’t respect you.
  • You’re comfortable not being personal friends with your reports.
  • You have the ability to tell people the truth, even if it’s not always what they want to hear.

You Are a Strong Communicator

  • You are comfortable and capable of setting clear expectations.
  • You are prepared to give ongoing positive (and constructive) feedback.
  • You listen well and are open to the ideas of others.

You Are Known for Being Reliable

  • You have a reputation for getting things done on time.
  • Other people turn to you for help/ideas/answers.
  • You’ve established yourself as a problem-solver.

 You Genuinely Want the Responsibility

  • You’re taking the step because you feel ready, not because you have seniority.
  • You understand how things will change for you in your professional life.
  • You’re ready to shoulder the successes and failures of your team.
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