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How You Can Retain Your Warehouse Candidates

How You Can Retain Your Warehouse Candidates

Warehouse work is physically demanding and often mentally taxing as well. That means you face an uphill battle in retaining candidates who might take a job somewhere else that looks easier, even if the other job pays a little less. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution for retaining warehouse candidates, but you can put together a package of reasons that will keep people interested in the job.  



Money matters. It’s not everything, but it makes a big difference when you’re asking people to do physically tough jobs. It matters more if you run long shifts or require overnight work. You need to offer an hourly wage that soundly beats local retail outlets and restaurants. 


Health Benefits 

Some candidates will worry about their long-term health going into a warehouse job. They’re concerned that they’ll get hurt on the job and won’t be able to afford treatment. A benefits package that includes affordable insurance can take that concern right off the table.  


Flexible Schedules 

Culture has changed a lot of the last few decades and many candidates need some flexibility in their schedule. They may be caring for an aged parent or have small kids at home. Requiring someone to show up at 7 am sharp might be a non-starter because they have to take their kids to school or the daycare doesn’t open until 8 am.  


Local Focus 

Different locations create unique demands of candidates. Traffic in one city might be manageable during rush hour and all but impossible in another. Understanding what workers need at a specific location can mean the difference between keeping someone in the interview process and losing them.  



Some candidates will also worry about the future. They imagine taking the warehouse job and being stuck in exactly the same job 15 years down the road. Offer cross-training options as part of your overall benefits package. This assures candidates that they’ll have options down the road. 


Advancement Opportunities 


You should also have a clear path for promotion built into your company. Some candidates will want the option to move up the chain into supervisory or management positions. If you make it clear that options like that are baked into your business culture, you may find some of the best candidates more eager to stay in the process. 


It’s Never Just One Thing 


Keeping good candidates in the interview process is almost never about just one thing. It will be the money for some, but most candidates will be persuaded by a number of factors. It might be the flexible schedule and the health benefits or the advancement opportunities and the local focus. By casting a wide net in terms of what you offer, you have the best options for hanging on to good candidates. 


Need Help Finding Quality Candidates?

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