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Tired? Use These Tips To Avoid Fatigue

Tired? Use These Tips To Avoid Fatigue

Fatigue is the often unacknowledged enemy of adults everywhere. It’s easy to fall into a lifestyle that encourages fatigue. You take overtime whenever it’s offered. You end up messing with your phone until well after you should be asleep. Fatigue, however, isn’t a joke. It can compromise your decisions and reduce reaction time. That combination can end up getting you or a coworker injured. So, here are some tips to help you avoid fatigue. 


Eat Right 

Nobody is saying never to eat fast food. Sometimes it’s your only option when your lunch break gets cut short or you just need something easy to eat for dinner before collapsing into bed. On the whole, though, you do need a balanced diet.  

That means you get regular servings of fruits and vegetables. You keep your carb intake to a reasonable level. You eat appropriately sized portions for your height and frame. This combination provides your body with essential nutrients that support energy production. You also need to get enough water. Dehydration can leave you feeling groggy. 



Believe it or not, getting regular exercise can help you stave off feelings of fatigue. The exercise helps you condition your muscles, which makes you more resilient. Exercise also provides you with a nice cocktail of mood-enhancing neurochemicals that can limit feelings of fatigue.  

You can double down on exercise and make it a social activity by joining a team or setting up a pickup basketball game. This lets you exercise and socialize. Socializing also has a positive effect on your overall mood and sense of well-being, which can help prevent fatigue.  


Get Serious About Sleep 

Americans tend to view sleep as the enemy. It’s something we put up with because we have no other choice. Yet, we often limit it too much. We drink caffeine in the evening. We stay up late watching TV or playing video games. We take our phone to bed and answer emails until 2 in the morning.  

You need a certain amount of sleep to function. Even more importantly, your body needs sleep to heal and rejuvenate itself. Depriving yourself of sleep makes you more likely to get sick or get hurt. Commit to getting at least seven hours a night or eight if you can manage it. It might not cure your fatigue, but it will likely help a lot.  


Fatigue Is a Fixable Problem 

Unless you have an underlying medical condition that causes it, fatigue is a fixable problem. Getting the right kinds of foods in the right proportions, along with enough water, supports your body’s energy production. Regular exercise gives you a chance to condition your muscles and even get social. Regular sleep gives your body a chance to heal and rejuvenate. Put all of that together and you’ve got a good shot at resolving your fatigue.  

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