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Going Back To School? A Temporary Job May Be For You

Going Back To School? A Temporary Job May Be For You

Going back to school comes with its fair share of challenges. Not the least of these challenges is that, if you want to finish in a reasonable amount of time, you often need to attend classes full time. This is especially true in fields that change rapidly, such as programming. Of course, this also means you must let go of whatever job you had before. This change can prove personally and financially challenging. A temporary job may be just the fix you need. 



Class schedules are notoriously unpredictable, especially upper-level classes that may only have a few students. These classes may only get offered every other semester or at odd times that a professor prefers. That can make it next to impossible to find or keep even a part-time job. Temporary jobs, on the other hand, tend to last for fixed periods of time.  

So, you can look for jobs that line up with semester breaks. You typically get a few months off during summer breaks, so you can take a position that will last two months. Winter breaks typically last three weeks. So you can look for businesses that just want some seasonal help.  


Polish Your Resume 

Many temporary jobs will just be jobs you take for a paycheck between semesters. However, you can discuss your needs with the temp agency you work through. In many cases, they can help you find temporary positions that help you gain experience in your new field. This can even work out for you in the long-term. Some companies use temporary positions as a kind of probationary period for potential employees. If a company you work for on a temp basis likes you, it can lead to a job offer after you graduate.  



There is a connection between work and self-esteem. Holding down a job lets you feel that you’re contributing in some way to your family or society. It can also make you feel fundamentally useful in the world. Not having a job can even trigger depression in some people. While going to school is work, it doesn’t always fill the same psychological needs as a paying job. A temporary position can help offset any thoughts or feelings that you’re not contributing and let you feel useful without compromising your education.   


Make Temp Job Work for You 

Not every temporary job will help you achieve your long-term goals. Sometimes, you just need to fulfill short-term financial needs. Other times, you may only need the self-esteem boost that comes from working. That doesn’t mean you can’t approach the situation strategically. Talk with the agency you get jobs through. If they know you intend to end up in a particular career field, they can often help secure temp positions in that field. 


Going back to school and want to pick up some extra work between semesters. Let GPS help you lock in a temporary job for those breaks.  

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