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Stuck In A Rut? Might Be Time For A New Job

Stuck In A Rut? Might Be Time For A New Job

You wake up every day with a mild or not-so-mild feeling of dread about going to work. You loathe talking about your job because it makes you tired. You find yourself fantasizing about leaving in the middle of the day. Dead-end jobs can leave you with a wide range of negative emotional responses. Even worse, dead-end jobs don’t always look like dead-end jobs when you take them. Here are five signs it’s time to look for a new job.

There Is No Clear Path To Advancement

No one takes a job with the expectation that they’ll be doing the same job five years later. Yet, all too often, people find themselves stuck in that exact situation. The reason is that many companies don’t set out a clear path or any path to advancement. Without that clear path, you can spend years treading water in the same position.

You’re Not Engaged Anymore

Most people spend the first six months to a year feeling very engaged with their job. There is a lot to learn and master. Once you master your current position, though, it’s easy to grow bored without new challenges. If you’re stuck without new challenges even after asking for more responsibility, it’s time to start that job hunt.

High Turnover

Have you watched as people in similar positions jumped ship for jobs at other companies? Does it happen regularly? This is a solid sign that there is a deeply-rooted problem with how the company handles employees. Even if you’re happy where you are right now, don’t ignore the high turnover warning sign. Assume that that will be you within a year or so and start looking for ways to polish your resume.

Your Skills Aren’t Used

Did you bring a strong and diverse skillset to the job when you signed on? Do those skills never get used on the job? Competent managers don’t let valuable skills go to waste. They find ways to incorporate your skills into your job or find you another position that lets the company make use of those skills. Don’t let your skills rust in a position where you don’t use them. Get out fast.

Management Plays Favorites

Some companies do create clear paths to promotion. Unfortunately, it’s only an option if you’re a management favorite. Everyone else can apply but will somehow never get promoted, no matter how qualified. That’s a no-win situation, and you should flee at the first opportunity.

Some Jobs Aren’t Worth It

The kinds of dead-end situations described above aren’t worth trying to navigate. You’ll waste months or years of your time trying to get a promotion that’s never going to arrive. It’s far better for your career and sanity to start looking for another job.

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