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Get Back On Track When You Don’t Like Your Job

Get Back On Track When You Don’t Like Your Job

Active dislike or severe disengagement from your job is normal. Around 66% of people fall into this category. Of course, disliking or simply not caring about your job is a hard way to live, given that you’ll spend the majority of your waking hours there.

So, what can you do to get back on track when you don’t like your job?

Give It Time

If you recently moved to another company, don’t make a hasty judgment about the role. You need to give yourself an adjustment period for any new job or company. The expectations are different, as is the culture of the company. Many people discover that what they don’t like is the adjustment, rather than the new job. Change taxes a person mentally and emotionally. Once you find a balance with the new situation, the dislike often evaporates.

Takeaway: Don’t assume you don’t like your job until you give it a fair shake.

Don’t Measure Yourself Against Others

Success isn’t a one-size-fits-all outfit. While your wealthy, lawyer of a sister might make you feel like a failure, that’s an unfair comparison. You must decide for yourself whether your accomplishments matter to you. Comparing yourself to others creates a me-against-the-world mindset that never leaves you satisfied. Ask yourself if it’s really your job you hate or that it doesn’t seem to measure up to what others do.

Takeaway: Figure out what success means to you and then pursue the career that fulfills that definition.

Find a New Job

Sometimes, you’ll discover that you really do just dislike your current job. Poor management or a toxic work culture can make even a seemingly dream job into a nightmare. Just as importantly, no amount of money can make up for those failures in your workplace. You might also discover that you dislike your position because it saddled you with more responsibilities than you expected going in. In these scenarios, the best solution is looking for employment elsewhere.

Takeaway: If you genuinely dislike your job, a new job is almost always the best solution.


Dislike or disengagement from a job is comparatively common, but it’s not necessarily a death blow for your career. If it’s a new job, give yourself time to adjust. Don’t measure your job or success against someone else’s success. It’ll leave you permanently unhappy with your job. If you do dislike your job because of the job, culture, or some other job-specific situation, it’s time for a new position.

Are you one of those people with a genuine dislike for your current position? GPS can help you find a job that you will like.


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