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Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Staffing Firm

Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Staffing Firm

Many businesses believe they know best when it comes to hiring decisions. In terms of the final hiring decision, that’s true. Yet, horror stories abound of companies making bad hires that created months of lost productivity, if not the loss of other valuable employees. If in-house recruiting efforts have failed you, what other option is there? Let’s dig into why you’ll benefit from partnering with a staffing firm.


Whether you run a restaurant or own a half-dozen factories, your core competencies probably don’t include HR and hiring. You engage in recruitment and hiring on an as-needed basis. Staffing firms specialize in the recruitment and hiring process. It’s quite literally what they do every day.

Takeaway: Staffing firms have fewer weaknesses in their processes because the raw volume of experience has burned those weaknesses away.

Fill Positions Faster

Unlike a business, staffing firms don’t wait for resumes or applications to come into the office or online. They maintain a database of both active and passive candidates for all the positions they cover. That means their process of recruiting for you starts on day one. That can develop an initial pool of qualified candidates from their own database and begin soliciting candidates immediately. That saves you weeks or months of time.

Cost Savings

Hiring employees isn’t cheap. Replacing employees is even more expensive, often costing in excess of 150% of a person’s salary. On top of that, you must also consider what not having that position filled costs you in lost productivity, changes in meeting schedules or overtime. Staffing firms typically fill positions much faster than an in-house recruiting effort.

Takeaway: That fast turnaround saves you money in all of those less obvious costs.


Staffing firms will routinely guarantee their candidates for as much as six months to a year following the hire. That means they’re highly motivated to provide with you with well-matched candidates for the position. Otherwise, they lose their payday.

More Options

When most businesses go through a recruiting process, they hire someone on for a permanent role. That means lots of paperwork, benefits and potential liability if things go sideways. Staffing firms routinely offer a try-before-you-buy option. It’s typically called a contract-to-hire option or something similar. It’s a reasonable middle-ground between an unfilled position and full-fledged employee.

Takeaway: You get the chance to try out an employee before you make a full commitment.

Turn To GPS Staffing

While you can and should retain a hand in the final hiring decision, recruiting candidates is an inexact science. Moreover, it’s a science that many companies practice irregularly. Staffing firms practice it all the time. That makes them far better-suited to narrowing down the field of candidates to a few top-shelf choices.

Not getting the results you want? Consider a staffing firm like GPS for your next round of hiring.


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