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Many GPS Anniversaries today!

Many GPS Anniversaries today!

Many GPS Anniversaries today! 

GPS has many anniversaries today!  Happy anniversary to Suzanne Young (26 years – GPS Corporate), Laura Garland (3 years – GPS Newberry), Rea Parrish (2 years – GPS Columbia), and Titi Robinson (1 year – GPS Newberry)! 

These ladies rock it every single day!  You all truly deserve much appreciation and celebration!  We are celebrating each of you today!

Congratulations on this wonderful occasion ladies!  Here’s to MANY more anniversaries to come!


Staff Apprec 2014 Suzanne

Happy Anniversary Suzanne Young!


Birthday Laura Titi 2015

Happy Anniversary Laura Garland & Titi Robinson!


Photo Rea Parrish 2014

Happy Anniversary Rea Parrish!

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