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National Staffing Employee Week

National Staffing Employee Week

GPS Contributions of Temporary, Contract Employees to South Carolina Economy








GPS is joining staffing firms from across the nation in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 28–Oct. 4. Established by the American Staffing Association, this commemorative week honors the millions of temporary and contract employees working for U.S. staffing firms each week.

In South Carolina alone, 64,944 temporary and contract employees work in the staffing industry every week. These positions are across all industry sectors and professions, and the majority are full-time. These jobs also can lead to permanent work, according to ASA research.  In fact, permanent employment is a top motivation for choosing this line of work, and one in five cite scheduling flexibility as a key reason for choosing staffing, according to the ASA Staffing Employee Survey.

National Staffing Employee Week salutes the temporary and contract employees who contribute to the economy of South Carolina and that of our entire nation.  GPS is proud to be part of an industry that provides so many benefits to employees, to businesses, and to the economy.

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