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GPS Great Ideas ~ June 2015

GPS Great Ideas ~ June 2015

GPS Great Ideas ~ June 2015


Purple Squirrels and Unicorns

Is the “supertemp” just a myth? In many ways, it’s up 
to you! Your staffing agency provides great temporaries, 
but there’s so much you can do to increase performance, 
tenure and ROI once they start. This special report 
shows you how.!&utm_content=[1]-purple-squirrels-and-unicorns


Productivity Tips: Call Your Mom

Energy flagging? Attention wandering? Motivation 
plummeting? Try a microburst activity to recharge and 

Quote of the Month:

“You stop using your discretionary effort, you stop 
looking at creative things you can do. If you want 
people coming to work with only half their brain, put 
them under stress.

–Richard Boyatzis, American organizational theorist 
and educator


What’s your favorite way to reenergize at work?!&utm_content=[3]-


Need a Supertemp? Call GPS!


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