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GPS Elves vs. GPS Reindeers

GPS Elves vs. GPS Reindeers

GPS Elves vs. GPS Reindeers

At our quarterly GPS Operations Meeting yesterday in Orangeburg, the GPS Elves dominated the GPS Reindeers in Family Feud…GPS style!  The Elves won 15 1/2 to 13 1/2!  The Elves left with a pocket full of cash and the Reindeers left with $5 Starbucks gift cards!  Many thanks to our host MJ Sorrell, buzzer watcher Karen Smith, score keeper Debbie St. Mark, and our commentators Nanci Fields and Charlie Gallman!  FUN times!

GPS Elves aka “The Winners”: 

From left to right: Rea Parrish (GPS Columbia), Jodi Bates (GPS Orangeburg), Mari VanFossen (GPS Newberry), Asia Harris (GPS Charleston), Lisa Wright (Hot Springs, AR)

Photo Ops Elves Winners 121114


GPS Reindeers aka “The Losers”:

From left to right: Crystal Johnson (GPS Charleston), Joey Wheeler (GPS Columbia), Sue Ellison (GPS Columbia, in front), Karen Taylor (GPS Charleston), Laura Garland (GPS Newberry)

Photo Ops Reindeers Losers 121114

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