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How to Persevere During Tough Times

How to Persevere During Tough Times

How to Persevere During Tough Times

John Krautzel

Posted by John Krautzel in Career Advice • 12 Days Ago

It is often strenuous to persevere on your job search when times get tough, but you do not have to let fear and the lack of success weigh you down. Consider some simple ways to remain resilient during your job search in the face of discouraging circumstances.

Develop a Routine

To persevere through the ups and downs of an exhaustive job search, you must develop a solid personal routine. Cementing a job search routine into your schedule is the best way to stay focused and remain effective while seeking employment. Falling into a rut and skipping a day or two can lead to the loss of a great employment opportunity. Choose days of the week to focus on applying for jobs, and set a minimum amount of job applications to complete each week. Aim to rise early and go to sleep the same time every day to maintain a professional mindset, and make your job search a full-time job until you get one.

Expand Your Skills

Gaining additional qualifications in your industry field can help you feel more confident and make you stand out when the job search becomes challenging. Improving your skills encourages you to continue seeking a job where you can put your skills to use. In addition, your new knowledge helps you excel during the interview and on the job.

Open Your Eyes to Other Possibilities

Too many people believe they can only work in one industry, but this is a limitation you place on yourself. If you consider the multitude of jobs available in other industries, you can overcome your current obstacles and get a job quicker. You may even find a job you love and change your career altogether.

Get Some Inspiration

Create a vision board that reflects your career goal and employment goals to help you stay motivated. Use daily affirmations for inspiration during the job search to help raise your self-confidence. Listen to positive radio and Internet broadcasts to lift your spirits and open your mind to the many possibilities of success each day offers.

Forge Strong Connections

Mingling with other professionals can help you persevere in your job search. Attend job fairs and business events in your community to stay career-minded, and build connections with prospective employers. You can also get information from various sources to learn which local businesses are hiring in your area. Staying in contact with other professionals points to job referrals that lead to employment.

Keep a Positive Outlook

Avoid allowing your mind to run rampant with anxiety during your job search or you may discourage yourself from proper action. Maintaining a positive attitude helps job seekers persevere during the darkest times. If you approach your job search every day with a smile, you are in a better position to overcome challenges on your job quest.

Keep in mind it often takes time to get a job because the job search is affected by factors within and outside of your control. If you remain diligent in your job search, the reward is employment. Focus on a smart action and motivational plan to keep your spirits lifted.


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