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Active Shooter Safety!

Active Shooter Safety!   GPS challenge of the week…Active Shooter!   What to do in an “Active Shooter” situation…. “Run/Hide/Fight” Please click the link: https://youtu.be/5VcSwejU2D0. This

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Machine Guard Safety!

Machine Guard Safety!   GPS challenge of the week…DO NOT REMOVE MACHINE GUARDS!  Machine guards are the first line of defense against injuries caused by

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GPS Safety Hotline

GPS Safety Hotline   GPS wants its employees to go home to their loved ones in the same condition they came to work.  Please examine the

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Footwear Safety

Footwear Safety GPS challenge of the week…Footwear!   There are two major categories of work-related foot injuries. The first category includes punctures, crushing, sprains, and lacerations.

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Follow Procedures!

Follow Procedures! GPS challenge of the week…Follow Procedures! GPS where Safety is Everybody’s Job…My Job…Your Job! Part of your job as employees is to follow

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Pay Attention!

Pay Attention!   GPS challenge of the week…Pay Attention! When workers are distracted, they are not paying attention and fail to see hazards, which can

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