With such a large percentage of our population currently seeking employment, many people are turning to job fairs to find that all-important company networking opportunity. For the corporate recruiter, job fairs offer an opportunity to interview a high number of prospects in a short amount of time. For military spouses and transitioning Service Members, job… Read more »

Posted Charleston, SC Branch: Basic Machine Operators, Accounting Receivable Clerk, Administrative Assistant to Sales and Marketing Team, HVAC Technician, Mechanical/Industrial Machinery Assembly, Gel Coat Operators, Showroom Sales Representative, General Laborers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Forklift Operators, Fiberglass Laminator, Basic Carpenter Assistant Hot Springs, AR Branch: Marine Maintenance Technicians, Assembly, Diesel Mechanics, Small Engine Technicians, Commercial Equipment Repair… Read more »

Posted “How ‘skills gap’ keeps U.S. unemployment elevated” from Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal April 7, 2014, 12:58 PM ET One of the unexplained puzzles since the end of the Great Recession is the persistence of high unemployment despite frequent complaints by businesses that they cannot find enough qualified workers. Does a so-called skills… Read more »